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English-Hindi > carry the can

carry the can meaning in Hindi

carry the can sentence in Hindi
स्वीकार करना
carry    क्षमता होना वहन
the    वही यह वह वही वह
can    कनस्तर स्कुल से
1.Finally, two wires carry the CAN data bus high and low lines.

2."The SARFU executive must carry the can collectively, " he said.

3.Ultimately I'm not daft . The manager carries the can ."

4.If it fails, of course, I will carry the can.

5.The athlete has to carry the can,

6.He also admitted in this interview that he " must carry the can " for the Winter of Discontent.

7."The current players are going to have to carry the can, they're the ones who are going to be called mercenaries, greedy,"

8.The move will decimate the value of shares in the two banks, forcing shareholders to carry the can for billions of loans that turned sour as the economy faltered.

9.It could exacerbate a rift between the finance ministry and the central bank as the two camps trade barbs about who should carry the can for the country's economic crisis.

10.Sylvester Stallone stated, " I carry the can for every lunatic in the world who goes crazy with a gun  but it wasn't Rambo who sent Michael Ryan mad.

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