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English-Hindi > carry time

carry time meaning in Hindi

carry time sentence in Hindi

हासिल संकलन काल
carry    क्षमता होना वहन
time    युग समय देखना
1.The store will carry Times Seven jeans and accessories but not the signature line.

2.TCI also wants long-term agreements to carry Time Warner and Turner cable services at attractive rates.

3.It turned out that AOL was unable to sustain its own growth rate, much less carry Time Warner.

4.In addition to the preferred stock, TCI is seeking a long-term agreement to carry Time Warner and Turner cable services at an attractive rate.

5.The settlement also contains key provisions that bar the companies from discriminating against Internet companies, besides AOL, that want to carry Time Warner's popular content.

6.Another crucial issue for Malone is gaining favorable terms to carry Time Warner and Turner cable services on systems owned by Tele-Communications, the nation's largest cable operator.

7.And it took a leap into the delivery business in 1998 when the Surface Transportation Board, a federal regulatory agency, ruled it could carry time-sensitive packages and freight shipments.

8.Nobody expects NBC to carry time-heavy sports such as the triathlon and marathon in full, but bounding in and out of the events with a dramatic narration instead of real-time commentary is irritating.

9.The high launch angle and thus long carry time can be an impediment in high winds, but skilled golfers can use the long " hang time " of a lob wedge shot to take advantage of a favorable wind.

10.For ATM networks, which define a physical layer that carries timing, the synchronous residual time stamp ( SRTS ) method may be used; IP / MPLS networks, however, do not define the physical layer and thus cannot specify the accuracy of its clock.

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