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English-Hindi > cart track

cart track meaning in Hindi

cart track sentence in Hindi
संकरी खराब सड़क

शकट लीक
cart    रथ छकड़ा
track    पदांक मार्ग
1.Until then there had only been foot and cart tracks.

2.Races are scheduled at two former CART tracks, Phoenix and New Hampshire.

3.In 1950 s it was only a cart track.

4.Local ecologists closed down Pont's go-cart track after a nasty fight.

5.The front entrance and parking lot had been changed into a go-cart track.

6.The reservation has 450 tourist businesses, ranging from a casino to go-cart tracks.

7.The track was renovated in 2001, when a go-cart track was also added.

8.This approved development will ultimately replace the entire area where our Go Cart tracks were once situated.

9.However they were only linked to the larger towns by poorly maintained cart tracks and country roads.

10.The $ 5 million attraction featured a go-cart track, bumper cars, and carnival rides.

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