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English-Hindi > catherine wheel

catherine wheel meaning in Hindi

catherine wheel sentence in Hindi
wheel    घिरनी चक्कर चक्कर
1."' Catherine Wheel "'were an English alternative rock band from Great Yarmouth.

2.They appeared on the Channel 4 programme " Pulp, Catherine Wheel and Eight Storey Window.

3.There is also a Catherine wheel over it.

4.The largest Catherine wheel ever made was designed by the Lily Fireworks Factory of Mqabba, Malta.

5.Catherine Wheel's April-due album and tour is buzz-worthy.

6.There is one public house in Albury, The Catherine Wheel which dates from c . 1765.

7.Theatre for younger audiences, especially Wee Stories, Visible Fictions, Catherine Wheels Theatre Company and TAG Theatre Company.

8.The present pub, originally called the Catherine Wheel, seems to have been built shortly after this fire.

9.Farthings of the second coinage were also struck at Canterbury ( distinguished by a Catherine Wheel mintmark ).

10.The album includes tracks written by Dickinson while a member of Catherine Wheel, as well as newer material.

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a circular firework that spins round and round emitting colored fire
Synonyms: pinwheel,

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