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cell adhesion sentence in Hindi

"cell adhesion" meaning in Hindicell adhesion in a sentence
  • This interaction is shown to have the potential to modify cell adhesion.
  • This is vital for processes such as cell adhesion and cell migration.
  • Cell adhesion molecules are degraded by syncytiotrophoblast secretion of Tumor necrosis factor-alpha.
  • Talin carries mechanical force ( of 7-10 piconewton ) during cell adhesion.
  • His work emphasizes the roles of glycoconjugates in cell adhesion and cell signaling.
  • Selectins are part of the broader family of cell adhesion molecules.
  • The cell-cell adhesion of fibroblasts is thought to be necessary for wound healing.
  • The mechanism behind catch bonds helps to explain the biophysics behind cell-cell adhesion.
  • Integrins are involved in cell adhesion and also participate in cell-surface mediated signalling.
  • Receptor CD44 participates in cell adhesion interactions required by tumor cells.
  • The CCN family of proteins regulates diverse cellular functions, including cell adhesion, differentiation.
  • Cell adhesion is also essential for the pathogenesis of infectious organisms.
  • FLRT family members may function in cell adhesion and / or receptor signalling.
  • These neural cadherin-like cell adhesion proteins are integral plasma membrane proteins.
  • Surface modification can also affect properties that promote cell adhesion.
  • Integrins are known to participate in cell adhesion as well as cell-surface mediated signalling.
  • IGFBP7 is also involved in the stimulation of cell adhesion.
  • Latrophilins may function in both cell adhesion and signal transduction.
  • The protein encoded by this gene may be involved in cell adhesion during neurodegeneration.
  • Those cancer cells can form cell-cell adhesions again and return to an epithelial state.
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