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English-Hindi > cell adhesion

cell adhesion meaning in Hindi

cell adhesion sentence in Hindi

cell    बिल कुटीर बैटरी
adhesion    चिपकाव निष्ठा
1.This interaction is shown to have the potential to modify cell adhesion.

2.This is vital for processes such as cell adhesion and cell migration.

3.Cell adhesion molecules are degraded by syncytiotrophoblast secretion of Tumor necrosis factor-alpha.

4.Talin carries mechanical force ( of 7-10 piconewton ) during cell adhesion.

5.His work emphasizes the roles of glycoconjugates in cell adhesion and cell signaling.

6.Selectins are part of the broader family of cell adhesion molecules.

7.The cell-cell adhesion of fibroblasts is thought to be necessary for wound healing.

8.The mechanism behind catch bonds helps to explain the biophysics behind cell-cell adhesion.

9.Integrins are involved in cell adhesion and also participate in cell-surface mediated signalling.

10.Receptor CD44 participates in cell adhesion interactions required by tumor cells.

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