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English-Hindi > cell analysis

cell analysis meaning in Hindi

cell analysis sentence in Hindi

कोशिका विश्लेषण
cell    बिल कुटीर बैटरी
analysis    विश्लेषण
1.This difficulty can be ameliorated by single-cell analysis.

2.MAMS are used in single-cell analysis; in particular, single-cell metabolomics.

3.An example of single cell analysis.

4.Coulter, which makes systems for blood and cell analysis, generated 1996 sales of $ 700 million.

5.In such cases of single-cell analysis it is often needed to uniquely determine the identities of cells while segmenting the cells.

6.Their product portfolio is broken into five market segments : Fluidics, Laboratory Equipment & Supplies, Molecular Analysis, Cell Analysis, and Physiology.

7.Thus, single-cell analysis allows researchers to study biological processes in finer detail and answer questions that could not have been addressed otherwise.

8.The National Resource for Cell Analysis and Modeling ( NRCAM ) at the University of Connecticut Health Center also produced early CellML capable software called Virtual Cell.

9.In the single cell analysis, there was a success rate of 87.5 % in the PZD group and 85.4 % in the ZD group.

10.His group miniaturized fluidic systems and demonstrated the first multi-layer replication molded fluidic chips, with thousands of valves creating microfluidic  laboratories and single cell analysis systems.

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