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English-Hindi > channel beam

channel beam meaning in Hindi

channel beam sentence in Hindi

चैनल धरन
channel    तंग समुद्र चैनल तह
beam    किरन कड़ी चौड़ाई
1.More than 89 television channels beam political talk shows, and news of the hour.

2.Two 24-hour national TV satellite channels beam dawn-to-dusk recipes.

3.A concrete channel beam bridge was built over the stream in 1939 and repaired in 2003.

4.A concrete channel beam bridge was built over the creek in 1954 and repaired in 2012.

5.The Voorheeses'mobile incinerator has armored walls made with steel plates and reinforced by steel channel beams, which insulate the incinerator, from explosions created by burning such material.

6.A concrete channel beam bridge carrying State Route 1003 over the stream was built in 1950 and repaired in 2009 . This bridge is and is located north of Watsontown.

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