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English-Hindi > cheese whey

cheese whey meaning in Hindi

cheese whey sentence in Hindi

चीज मस्तु
cheese    पनीर चीज़ चमकीला
whey    तोड़ मट्ठा मठ्ठा
1.It helps the farmer dispose of cheese whey and become more competitive in New York state.

2.In Situ Bio-Remediation of Perc From Syrup to Cheese Whey, August 2009, Western Cleaner & Launderer.

3.The whey proteins, other minor milk proteins, and the lactose are all removed in the cheese whey.

4.Nearly every drop is distilled from corn, although some makers produce it from potato waste, cheese whey or brewery waste.

5.Researchers and supporters say there is substantial production potential in the West, where wheat, barley, potato waste and even cheese whey can be used to make ethanol.

6.The state has only two plants that make about 10 million gallons of ethanol a year from cheese whey and the sugar and starch from outdated soda pop.

7.One compositional difference between whey protein isolates made from cheese whey via membrane filtration compared to ion exchange is that membrane filtration includes significant levels of the casein fragment caseino-glycomacropeptide ( cGMP ).

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