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English-Hindi > cheesed off

cheesed off meaning in Hindi

cheesed off sentence in Hindi
off    से अलग छूट छुट्टी
1.He uses his candy cane to hook the cheese off the mousetrap.

2.To be " cheesed off " means to be annoyed.

3.DEAR 2 : You're not the only one getting cheesed off.

4.Learn the secret of scraping nacho cheese off the bottom of the plastic seats.

5.The pre-monkey study practical man was always cheesed off by this chicanery.

6.It can get you really cheesed off.

7.I get cheesed off with Sue.

8.Life's too short to waste every day cheesed off at AOL . Uh, oh.

9.But Ravi's elder brother Rajendra ( Sonu Sood ) is still cheesed off at the whole thing.

10.The first time I complained they actually scraped these cheese off, and handed the burger back to me.

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