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chip set sentence in Hindi

"chip set" meaning in Hindi
  • This year, Intel recalled a large quantity of malfunctioning motherboard chip sets.
  • Rockwell manufactures Kflex chip sets used by a variety of modem makers.
  • Othello is the first commercially available chip set to use this direct-conversion technology.
  • We are seeing more than a seasonal decline in our European chip sets.
  • In early 1990, Newbridge Microsystems licensed DY4 VME Interface Chip Set.
  • The blue-chip SET 50 index was at 23.25, down 0.04 percent.
  • The buyer was VIA Technologies, a Taiwanese company that makes PC chip sets.
  • The chip set was initially fabricated for MIPS by Sierra Semiconductor and Toshiba.
  • Developing the chip set is the best long-term plan, Caile said.
  • The blue-chip SET 50 index was at 22.57, up 0.04 percent.
  • Some of the chip sets, however, were recalled after a manufacturing flaw was discovered.
  • The initial product was a Floating point coprocessor chip set.
  • Several television manufacturers have also said they are making chip sets for digital televisions.
  • RISC server vendors develop their own proprietary microprocessors, chip sets and operating system software.
  • Together, Intel lowered the prices on nine different chip sets.
  • All of this is powered by a Philips chip set.
  • The Intel motherboard is based around the third iteration of Intel's Triton chip set.
  • But the price of chip sets has not declined nearly as fast as expected.
  • In 1987 system builders began using the chip set in arbitrary new board designs.
  • It has made chip sets for modems for 20 years.
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