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chip shop sentence in Hindi

"chip shop" meaning in Hindi
  • The fish-and-chip shops ran out of chips.
  • There is a takeaway outlet and a fish and chip shop.
  • There is also a Fish & Chip shop and Indian Restaurant.
  • Pubs and fish-and-chips shops were torched.
  • There is also a Chinese takeaway and a fish and chip shop.
  • It has a pub named the Jolly Anglers and a chip shop.
  • They screeched to a halt outside The Junction Chip Shop in Rainworth.
  • Fled to Ireland and opened a fish and chips shop.
  • A store and fish and chips shop were closed.
  • Hanson owned a fish and chip shop before founding the One Nation Party.
  • There are claims that Oldham was the birthplace of the first chip shop.
  • The village has a miniature railway, and a fish and chips shop.
  • Moved in were; a chip shop, hair salon and a butcher.
  • This houses pharmacist and Chinese takeaway / Chip shop.
  • The village also has a fish and chip shop, and hairdressing salons.
  • A greengrocer and fish and chip shop have closed and now stand empty.
  • After all, fish and chip shops serve very fattening, oily food.
  • I come up with these on my way down to the chip shop.
  • There are also many fish and chip shops.
  • Falmouth, Cornwall and fish and chip shops in Porthleven and Newquay, Cornwall.
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