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English-Hindi > chipko movement

chipko movement meaning in Hindi

chipko movement sentence in Hindi

चिपको आंदोलन
movement    आन्दोलन गति
1.Chamoli also happened to be a birthplace of " Chipko movement ".

2.In 1987, the Chipko Movement was awarded the Right Livelihood Award.

3.The incident was a forebear of the 20th-century Chipko Movement.

4.He has been associated with the famed Chipko Movement and later with the Uttarakhand Andolan.

5.A protest that became Chipko movement followed.

6.The people behind Chipko movement felt that the government did not understand or care about their economic situation.

7.The town is famous as the site of protests against the dam by Sundarlal Bahuguna and his followers during the Chipko movement.

8.Themes include the Chipko movement, the history of the Punjab, the origin of Bangla Desh, and the heroine's search for a father.

9.Chipko movement in India started in the 1970s around a dispute on how and who should have a right to harvest forest resources.

10.In 1977, Sarla Behn helped organise activists and consolidate the Chipko movement in its resistance to lumbering and excessive tapping of resin from the pine trees.

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