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English-Hindi > christmas disease

christmas disease meaning in Hindi

christmas disease sentence in Hindi
• क्रिसमस रोग
christmas    बड़ा दिन बड़ा दिन
disease    दुःख पीड़ा बिमारी
1.For instance, deficiency of Factor VIII causes classic Hemophilia A while deficiencies of Factor IX cause " Christmas disease " ( hemophilia B ).

2.However, during his tryout he was diagnosed with Haemophilia B ( also known as Christmas disease ), a rare disorder which prevents blood from clotting properly.

3.The Talking Christmas Gift reveals that he has been a Russian agent since 1980 and that Christmas disease is the result of an increasingly refined toxin the Russians have been developing for many years.

4.Others are named after patients who were among the first in whom a condition was identified, like Christmas disease, a bleeding disorder also known as hemophilia B that was found in a member of the Christmas family.

5.He was one of the two people in 1951 establishing that Haemophilia split into two groups : isolating what is now commonly called Haemophilia B, then known as Christmas disease after its first known host, Stephen Christmas.

6.Cuban exiles call it the " Christmas disease " _ a wave of " serious " illnesses that relatives cite each year in requesting U . S . government permission to visit loved ones in Cuba during the holidays.

7.Working in 1951 with Prof Alexander Stuart Douglas at the Blood Coagulation Research Unit in Oxford they jointly discovered a second strain of haemophilia, now known as Haemophilia B, but then known as Christmas disease after its first known sufferer, Stephen Christmas.

8.However, this podcast is cut in by the Berrynut Boys once again, which itself is cut in by Bill Berrynutt and the Talking Christmas Gift reporting in from Moscow, Russia, where Berrynutt has been transported by Russian officials for the treatment of his Christmas disease.

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