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English-Hindi > christmas pudding

christmas pudding meaning in Hindi

christmas pudding sentence in Hindi
• क्रिसमस पुडिंग
christmas    बड़ा दिन बड़ा दिन
pudding    गुलगुला कुंद
1.Oh, yeah, and they also put beef suet in their Christmas pudding.

2.M & S began selling Christmas cakes and Christmas puddings in 1958.

3.The object is to win the race with one's Christmas pudding intact.

4.Its first edition was the first book to refer to Christmas pudding.

5.M & S has sold Christmas cakes and Christmas puddings since 1958.

6.There's nothing here about Christmas goose, Christmas pudding, Christmas cookies, or Christmas pie.

7.Christmas Pudding is no better, which Grandad has literally burnt to a cinder.

8.They are stuck in like coins in a failed Christmas pudding.

9.The roots of the British Christmas pudding go back to the 14th century.

10.Brandy is traditionally poured over Christmas pudding and set alight.

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