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English-Hindi > chute gate

chute gate meaning in Hindi

chute gate sentence in Hindi

• प्रवणिका द्वार
chute    ढलान ढाल पैराशूट
gate    दरवाज़ा दरवाजा
1.It began with a jammed feed-chute gate deep within the country's only working chemical-weapons incinerator.

2.Perry-sized bull named Gist Buckles threw world champion Ty Murray head-first into the chute gate so hard last night, it shook the press box.

3.The stock contractor was cleared of charges because the chute gate was open when the prod was used, and therefore it was not a holding chute.

4.Then the cowboy takes a breath and nods, the chute gate swings open sideways, and the bronc hurls herself into the arena, surging and lunging, twisting in the air, landing in stiff, juddering hops and bucking again.

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