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English-Hindi > circuit card

circuit card meaning in Hindi

circuit card sentence in Hindi
परिपथ कार्ड
मुद्रित परिपथ पत्रक

परिपथ पत्रक
circuit    घेरा चक्कर दौरा
card    टिकट व्यवसाय
1.Many FDL-90 were updated to have the Quadra electronic circuit cards improvements.

2.An integrated circuit card with a USB interface is named USB-ICC.

3.They were built on large circuit cards with logical circuits.

4.Internal modems are just circuit cards that fit into expansions slots inside the PC.

5.Each SIM is internationally identified by its integrated circuit card identifier ( ICCID ).

6.Small printed circuit cards held up to 12 chips each.

7.To test or remove a particular printed circuit card from service, there is a well-known algorithm.

8.The later 129 used electronic circuit cards to store simple programs written by the keypunch operator.

9.Accessing Wi-Fi requires a special plug-in circuit card.

10.The original Dash 2 " circuit cards.

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a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer''s capabilities
Synonyms: circuit board, board, card, plug-in, add-in,

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