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English-Hindi > circumzenithal arc

circumzenithal arc meaning in Hindi

circumzenithal arc sentence in Hindi

खमध्य केंद्र चाप
arc    चिनगारी धनुष
1.When present, the supralateral arc touches the ( much more common ) circumzenithal arc from below.

2.Even earlier than Bravais, the Italian scientist F . Venturi experimented with pointed water-filled prisms to demonstrate the circumzenithal arc.

3.Circumzenithal arc, Supralateral arc, Parry arc, and Upper tangent arc, in Salem, Massachusetts, Oct 27, 2012.

4.As well as the true sun, two mock suns ( 46? and topped with an upper tangent arc and a circumzenithal arc, respectively.

5.The same plate shaped ice crystals that cause sun dogs are also responsible for the colorful circumzenithal arc, meaning that these two types of halo tend to co-occur.

6.The circumzenithal arc, visible only at a solar or lunar elevation of less than 32? is much more common, but often missed since it occurs almost directly overhead.

7.Both arcs have their red side pointing towards the sun and their violet part away from it, meaning the circumzenithal arc is red on the bottom, while the circumhorizontal arc is red on top.

8.As with all halos, the CZA can be caused by light from the moon as well as from the sun : the former is referred to as a "'lunar circumzenithal arc " '.

9.Confusion with other members of the halo family, such as sun dogs or the circumzenithal arc, may also arise, but these are easily dismissed by their entirely different positions in relation to the Sun or Moon.

10.It is likely that the " two rainbows with their backs turned toward each other, almost touching " involved two further halo phenomena, possibly a circumzenithal arc ( prone to co-occur with sun dogs ) together with a partial 46?halo or supralateral arc.

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