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English-Hindi > cirque glacier

cirque glacier meaning in Hindi

cirque glacier sentence in Hindi

सर्क हिमनद
सर्क हिमानी
cirque    दंगल अखाड़ा गहर
glacier    हिमनदी हिमानी
1.The remains of a cirque glacier are visible in the walls around Lake Seal.

2.A cirque glacier occupied part of the depression until early in the 20th century.

3.The erosion rate of the cirque glacier was 0.9 mm / year.

4.A small cirque glacier, the Pizolgletscher, lies above 2, 600 metres on the northern side of the mountain.

5.Traces of former Late Weichselian slope and cirque glaciers in the form of buried ground ice deposits are preserved on Zhokhov Island.

6.The glaciers which are built up now, the cirque glaciers form cirques, bowl-shaped valleys on the side of the mountains.

7.All Pinedale glaciers probably melted away soon after the start of the cirque glaciers seen today were formed during a subsequent neoglaciation 5000 years ago.

8.The Watkins is one of three small cirque glaciers on the southern side of Shasta, along with the Konwakiton and Mud Creek Glaciers located about west.

9."' H�lisen Glacier "'( ) is a cirque glacier between Halisrimen Peak and Halisstonga Peak in the Kurze Mountains of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica.

10.The natural bowl-shaped depression was formed by a cirque glacier during the last ice age when snow and ice accumulated in the corries due to avalanches on higher slopes.

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