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English-Hindi > cirque lake

cirque lake meaning in Hindi

cirque lake sentence in Hindi

सर्क झील
cirque    दंगल अखाड़ा गहर
lake    कूल झील ताल तालाब
1.It is also upstream of Cirque Lakes as well as The Kettles.

2.There are three small cirque lake in the Kornitsa cirque-Kornitsa lakes.

3.It has its source in Glaslyn, a cirque lake on the flanks of Snowdon.

4.The peak is located west-northwest of Cirque Lake Peak, its line parent.

5.Paternoster lakes occur in cirque lake.

6.Okoto is the deepest cirque lake in Bulgaria, with a depth of 37.5 m.

7."' Cirque Lake Peak "', at above sea level is a peak in the Boise County.

8.Cirque Lake is just east of D . O . Lee Peak, downstream of The Kettles, and upstream of several other lakes including Walker Lakes.

9.The Blue Lake is one of only four cirque lakes found in mainland Australia and contains the best-developed glacial features in the Kosciuszko National Park alpine area of New South Wales.

10."' Cirque Lake "'is an alpine lake in Custer County, Idaho, United States, located in the White Cloud Mountains in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

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