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claim section sentence in Hindi

"claim section" meaning in Hindiclaim section in a sentence
  • What set Leavitt's eight-page patent application apart were 67 words in the claims section.
  • They claim sections of Indonesia's military support anti-independence forces and are incapable of keeping the peace.
  • The group is affiliated to the International Marxist Tendency, which claims sections in more than 30 countries.
  • He was chief of the Court of Claims Section of the Tax Division from 1967 to 1972.
  • In a recent series of discussions on the talk page, a reorganisation of the territorial claims section was made.
  • At Hartsfield-Jackson, some passengers stewed in the baggage-claim section amid rows of unclaimed suitcases, hoping their luggage would finally appear.
  • They say the treaty allows island nations such as the Philippines or Indonesia to claim sections of sea that connect their islands.
  • It also has a small claims section for cases involving less than $ 3000 and a landlord-tenant section to adjudicate summary dispossess actions.
  • The battle lines are everywhere _ in the tropical rain forest, the state agriculture department's quarantine station, the Honolulu airport baggage claim section.
  • The EU claims section 301 lets the United States make a unilateral decision, which is against the multilateral principles and rules of the WTO.
  • The EU claims section 301 lets the United States take a unilateral decision, which is against the multilateral principles and rules of the WTO.
  • OccultZone has failed to answer why the 3, 843 figure by the Indian government should "'not "'be in the Indian Claims section when that section exists.
  • He was a law clerk in the Court of Claims Section of the U . S . Department of Justice in Washington, D . C . in 1958.
  • Claims should be in a separate claims section, like on the 9 / 11 page for example, and not involve starting her early life with " her origins are disputed ".
  • Now alot of the rival claims section appeared to have been written by a synical and resentful american, listing all of the american locomotives that he think should have surpassed this locomotives speed record.
  • The confusing arising about the scope of the claimed invention in this case led in part to the Patent Act of 1836, which introduced the requirement of a separate claims section for all patents.
  • The baggage system was to be the most dazzling feature of the new airport, able to whisk luggage between terminals, and at speeds that meant passengers would virtually never have to wait at baggage claim sections.
  • Harold-Mayne Nichols should not even be included in the Peruvian claim section as a neutral viewpoint because he has stated that he is not impartial with his stance . talk ) 14 : 45, 21 January 2009 ( UTC)
  • When William B . Martin, the claim section manager for State Farm Insurance in Jericho, gets an emergency call, he sends out an adjuster who makes an immediate assessment at the scene and lets the policyholder decide whom to call.
  • :In addition to handling these routine matters, the chief of the Claims Section participated in the negotiations with the Korean government concerning the payment of foreign claims generated by troops of the Army of the Republic of Korea who were active in South Vietnam.
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