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English-Hindi > cleft palate

cleft palate meaning in Hindi

cleft palate sentence in Hindi

खंड तालु
खण्ड तालु
cleft    फटन फांक फाट बाल
palate    तालू पसन्द रुचि
1.One hundred cleft palate / cleft lip surgeries are currently being sponsored.

2.Hampered by a cleft palate, it had to be coaxed into eating.

3.Dr . Vig is also the Past President of American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association.

4.Occasionally, children are born with birth defects like cleft palate that disrupt swallowing.

5.It is suspected he also had a partially cleft palate, another congenital defect.

6.Mutations in it are known to cause microtia, hearing impairment, and cleft palate.

7.Children with cleft palate typically have a variety of speech problems.

8.Hypernasal speech, or " hypernasality ", is primarily the result of cleft palate.

9.Mutations in the SATB2 gene have been found to cause isolated cleft palates.

10.Deletions, disruptions by Pierre Robin Sequence, often with a cleft palate.

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a congenital fissure of the hard palate

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