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cognate words meaning in Hindi

cognate words sentence in Hindi

सजात शब्द
cognate    बंधु संबंधी सजात
words    कथन झगड़ा बात बोल
1.As both writers noted, modern German still uses the cognate word Herbst, autumn.

2.In such varieties, cognate words will have consistent differences in pronunciation of this sound:

3.Biblical Hebrew's cognate word " Pliatim ", is usually translated Philistines.

4.Quenya and Sindarin were related, with many cognate words but differing greatly in grammar and structure.

5.The book contained presentations of the Russian alphabet, expressions, cognate words, and even similar drawings.

6.The aspirated nasals and fricatives do not exist in Southern or Eastern Hmu; cognates words use their unaspirated homologues.

7.In some West Germanic languages cognate words of a different etymology exist, e . g .'ooievaar'in Dutch.

8.Cognate words from related languages provide evidence for this analysis : compare the Tiriy?stem'bite'with e . g.

9.A "'lexical correspondence "'is a set of cognate words or morphemes in two or more related languages.

10.The original Greek word " Koine ( " daimonion " ), and later ascribed to any cognate words sharing the root.

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