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cognitive perspective sentence in Hindi

"cognitive perspective" meaning in Hindi
  • And this is really stupid software, from a cognitive perspective.
  • Hindsight bias is a fundamental problem in cognitive perspective-taking.
  • In other words, they were capable of cognitive perspective-taking.
  • Cognitive perspectives focus on how the learners mental processes influence their motivation.
  • An alternative explanation is from a " social-cognitive perspective ".
  • From a cognitive perspective, next to nothing.
  • There is also the cognitive perspective.
  • A modern, social-cognitive perspective on transference explains how it can occur in everyday life.
  • :If you are really unable to visualize at all, that would be very interesting from a cognitive perspective.
  • The study of strategic groups from a cognitive perspective, however, has gained prominence during the past years ( Hodgkinson 1997 ).
  • Recently he addressed the problem of the relationships between morality and technology and the problem of violence in a philosophical and cognitive perspective.
  • "' Cognitive perspective "'focuses on the cognitive processes involved in learning as well as how the brain works.
  • Active research traditions related to the unconscious include implicit memory ( see Lewicki, see also the section on cognitive perspective, below ).
  • It used a probabilistic model imposed on a learning-by-association scheme borrowed from behaviorism, with Miller not yet attached to a pure cognitive perspective.
  • His view on perception, concept acquisition and language suggest, according to Paul Hoyningen-Huene's analysis of Kuhn's philosophy, a cognitive perspective ( Nickles 183 ).
  • In so doing they co-construct complex, multimodal representations that go beyond the mental representations usually studied from a cognitive perspective of learning ( Pimmer, Pachler & Genewein, 2013 ).
  • The development of the ability to use gestures and object-directed actions in social situations has been studied from numerous perspectives, including the embodiment perspective, and the social-cognitive perspective.
  • From the cognitive perspective, the brain perceives auditory stimuli as music according to gestalt principles, or  principles of grouping .  Gestalt principles include proximity, similarity, closure, and continuation.
  • This cognitive perspective arose from a supposed  constructivist movement that stemmed mostly from the work of Jean Piaget and that also encompassed personal construct psychology ( developed by George Kelly ( psychologist ) ).
  • As a distinct body of knowledge relating to teaching methods, technological didactics developed during the 1990s, with the introduction of new technology into teaching . cultural, and cognitive perspectives have all contributed.
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