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cognitive process sentence in Hindi

"cognitive process" meaning in Hindi  
  • Consequently, understanding the relationship between behaviours and cognitive processes can be difficult.
  • Her works aim to illuminate parallels between language and other cognitive processes.
  • Langacker further assumes that linguistic structures are motivated by general cognitive processes.
  • This new model combines the motivational and cognitive processes of selective exposure.
  • One study suggest that social-cognitive processes such as cynicism in the workplace.
  • Attention is the cognitive process of selectively emphasizing and ignoring sensory stimuli.
  • N Distortions in perceptual and cognitive processes resulting in faulty thought patterns.
  • Uttal focusses on the limits of localizing cognitive processes in the brain.
  • Some ways that gendered nouns affect the cognitive process is through memory.
  • "We're measuring the cognitive process that's involved in formulating that lie ."
  • The Galileo System : A theory and method for analyzing cognitive processes.
  • Many cognitive processes take place in the cognitive unconscious, unavailable to conscious awareness.
  • It is frequently seen as a cognitive process that affects behavior.
  • Performance across a wide range of cognitive processes has been tested.
  • Cultural psychology assumes that cognitive processes can be influenced by ones sociocultural upbringing.
  • That is, after all, a part of how the human cognitive process works.
  • Cognitive processes as motions in a multi-dimensional space : A general linear model.
  • Human experience is affected by cognitive processes, specifically thinking in conjunction with memory.
  • Further subdivisions or areas of neocortex are responsible for more specific cognitive processes.
  • Two cognitive processes that increase the accessibility of schemas are priming.
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