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English-Hindi > cognitive processing

cognitive processing meaning in Hindi

cognitive processing sentence in Hindi

• संज्ञान प्रक्रम
• संज्ञानात्मक प्रक्रिया
cognitive    ज्ञानात्मक
processing    प्रौद्योगिकी
1.TDS is a fundamental part of human language and cognitive processing.

2.The first part is used primarily to examine cognitive processing speed.

3.Attachment requires sensory and cognitive processing that lead to intricate motor responses.

4.M1-type muscarinic acetylcholine receptors play a role in cognitive processing.

5.These concepts are assumed to be indicators of cognitive processing.

6.Many of these themes run against established wisdom in cognitive processing and representation.

7.It has been demonstrated that new situations require new combinations of cognitive processing.

8.This tool is assesses first-or second-order cognitive processing preferences.

9.However, differential activity in the prefrontal cortex also suggests higher-cognitive processing.

10.Decision makers have fairly limited cognitive processing capacity.

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