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cognitive psychology sentence in Hindi

"cognitive psychology" meaning in Hindi
  • His fields of interest include cognitive psychology, psycholinguistics, neuropsychology, psychometrics and biostatistics.
  • "' Eugene Galanter "'is one of the modern founders of cognitive psychology.
  • He is an active researcher in Cognitive Psychology and Educational Psychology.
  • Other researchers have suggested alternative bridges to the cognitive psychology suggested by Bruer.
  • Working memory is a theoretical concept central both to cognitive psychology and neuroscience.
  • There has been a resurgence of interest in Peirce's work in cognitive psychology.
  • Camerer's research is on the interface between cognitive psychology and economics.
  • Neuropsychology shares much with neuroscience, neurology, cognitive psychology, and cognitive science.
  • This renewed interested in animal research was prompted by experiments in cognitive psychology.
  • It is used in academic literature and is in my cognitive psychology textbook.
  • This task has been used extensively in cognitive psychology and neuroscience.
  • In graduate school, Schoen's research focused on cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics.
  • In October 2002 he was appointed a professor of cognitive psychology.
  • This course will cover the major topic areas within cognitive psychology.
  • His major areas of study were Developmental, Clinical, and Cognitive psychology.
  • This is where he would write " Cognitive Psychology ".
  • He has been an innovator in relating social anthropology to linguistics and cognitive psychology.
  • At the same time, automaticity has emerged as a central construct in cognitive psychology.
  • Cognitive psychology studies cognition, the mental processes underlying mental activity.
  • The cognitive scope has indeed proven to be a valuable construct in cognitive psychology.
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