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colostomy bag sentence in Hindi

"colostomy bag" meaning in Hindicolostomy bag in a sentence
  • He said he had colon cancer and now has a colostomy bag.
  • For now, though, he is limping on crutches and using a colostomy bag.
  • There's no sex appeal if you use a colostomy bag ".
  • A rape at age 7 left her with a fistula and subsequent colostomy bag.
  • He requires a catheter and a colostomy bag.
  • He wore a colostomy bag for a year afterward and underwent months of grueling physical therapy.
  • Beltre went two months without eating solid food, wore a colostomy bag and lost 30 pounds.
  • During on-the-job training taught by Dr . Olson, interns brave blood, vomit and exploding colostomy bags.
  • The scanners can also detect other medical equipment normally hidden, such as colostomy bags and catheters.
  • Two openings at the front of the bucket create space for the colostomy bag and the ileal conduit.
  • But his wife was unpopular, a social climber who humilated her husband with remarks about his colostomy bag.
  • Her prior doctors wanted to remove her intestine, leaving her in the unpleasant need of a colostomy bag.
  • Mary Crandell said her granddaughter Rachel used a colostomy bag to flush waste because of a medical disorder.
  • Davison allegedly told the screeners the bulge was a colostomy bag and tried to leave the screening area.
  • Racism, alcoholism, colostomy bag, Page 24.
  • During his time with the Indians, he worked in the dugout with a colostomy bag beneath his jacket.
  • Watching her bedridden grandmother die of stomach cancer, Mary, then 12, was inducted to change her colostomy bag.
  • According to the writ, wearing the colostomy bag means Man-tik cannot play sports, swim or go on school trips.
  • Dr . Jean-Claude Comas said that Louima, because of the tear to his colon, is using a colostomy bag.
  • He had a colostomy bag attached to his right side throughout the spring because of drainage from the wound.
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