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colour bar sentence in Hindi

"colour bar" meaning in Hindicolour bar in a sentence
  • This exclusionary hiring policy was known as the'Industrial Colour Bar '.
  • One transponder was reactivated in October 2005, but was carrying only colour bars.
  • A colour bar on top indicates the amount of background each player has captured.
  • Still others were arrested for having sex across the colour bar or for homosexual sex.
  • He could not contest any British championships owing to the colour bar then in operation.
  • The sign off'Colour Bar'is currently being used ( 2016 ) at the end of the transmission.
  • A'colour bar'remained in British boxing until 1947.
  • Led by youth worker colour bar.
  • Then click the shield's background, and click white in the colour bar near the bottom of the screen.
  • The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act was repealed, while the pass laws and employment colour bar were relaxed.
  • A US-style NTSC TV shows either a dark or a light vertical line between some of the colour bars.
  • They hang out in clubs like this one or the Colour Bar in Auckland Park, north of the city center.
  • In his opposition to the policy, Mannix stated in 1949 that " there is no colour bar in Australia ".
  • One day Tony sees Moses dressing Mary and is surprised and somewhat amazed by Mary's breaking of the'colour bar '.
  • However, Kaunda continued to support Nkumbula even though in 1956 Nkumbula attempted to end the campaign against the colour bar.
  • In 1947 voices were raised in the legislative council, insisting on the removal of the colour bar from the civil services.
  • NCCL also published pamphlets exposing the effective'colour bar', whereby black and Asian people were refused service in certain pubs and hotels.
  • The Colour Bar Law of 1926 that reserved certain positions in the mining industry for Whites was made applicable in South West Africa.
  • No Colour Bar : Black British Art in Action 1960 1990 ", held at the Guildhall Art Gallery between July 2015 and January 2016.
  • Her work featured in the 2015 exhibition " No Colour Bar : Black British Art in Action 1960 1990 " at the Guildhall Art Gallery.
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