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English-Hindi > combustion efficiency

combustion efficiency meaning in Hindi

combustion efficiency sentence in Hindi

ईधन-दहन दक्षता
combustion    जलना जलाना ज्वलन
efficiency    कार्य कार्यक्षमता
1.They need to have a relatively low water content for combustion efficiency.

2.The vacuum specific impulse was 380 seconds at 93 % combustion efficiency.

3.An aft mixer may be used to improve combustion efficiency.

4.The additive, methyl tertiary butyl ether, improves the combustion efficiency and oxygen content of gasoline.

5.Data is then sent to an onboard computer, which makes adjustments to improve combustion efficiency.

6.On the other hand, a lower compression ratio generally lowers combustion efficiency and costs power.

7.He did pioneering work in engine combustion efficiency.

8."Just one-sixteenth of an inch of soot will reduce combustion efficiency by 4 percent, " he said.

9.Dual sparkplugs per cylinder were used in some variants of this engine for enhanced combustion efficiency, called NAPS-X.

10.Like other small block Chevrolet V8s, the 4.3L engine received redesigned heads which had improved airflow and combustion efficiency.

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