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English-Hindi > combustion temperature

combustion temperature meaning in Hindi

combustion temperature sentence in Hindi

दहन ताप
combustion    जलना जलाना ज्वलन
temperature    हालत टेम्परेचर
1.Another way to improve efficiency is to increase the combustion temperature.

2.Higher combustion temperatures and residence times destroy unwanted constituents such as un-burnt hydrocarbons.

3.Pyrogens with content of magnesium allow reaching very high combustion temperatures.

4.Once carbon forms, the combustion temperature in engines is too low to burn it.

5.The higher combustion temperature of hydrogen produces more NO x than natural gas combustion.

6.Liquid-fuelled engines are often run fuel-rich, which lowers combustion temperatures.

7.Turbine efficiency is strongly correlated with combustion temperature through the completeness of the combustion reaction.

8.The role of combustion temperature in NO x formation has been understood for some time.

9.Combustion temperature influences thermal NO " x " emissions.

10.However, these numbers vary, as combustion temperature is an important variable in determining wood ash composition.

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