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come a cropper sentence in Hindi

"come a cropper" meaning in Hindicome a cropper in a sentence
  • One day ( the Internet boom ) is going to come a cropper,
  • There are signs that Robert Landers'living-a-dream lifestyle might come a cropper after this year.
  • "No to a single currency _ it will come a cropper, " she said.
  • Prices probably tank, and the industry's investment comes a cropper.
  • Even Harris'prose comes a cropper as the overwrought plot progresses.
  • Yet the plan could easily come a cropper.
  • You can't be certain which of the recent crop of major takeovers will come a cropper.
  • Unless Odyssey comes a cropper, 2003 is expected to be a big year in Mars exploration.
  • India started off the league with a bang, drubbing Bangladesh and then coming a cropper against Pakistan.
  • "Now he's in his defining moment, because all the irreconcilables will come a cropper in this budget,"
  • Happily for me, less happily for Iridium, the company's plans to debut its service today have come a cropper.
  • By mistaking foolish for funny and silly for hilarious, the new movie " Safe Men " comes a cropper.
  • Moreover, it seems to be expecting an office-space bonanza of the sort that caused many American cities to come a cropper in the late 1980s.
  • But south of the border the flight comes a cropper at a raunchy roadhouse where every last denizen, from barflys to strippers, is a vampire.
  • A good thing, too, for it was beginning to look as if all the " sure things "-- political, financial, even athletic-- had come a cropper.
  • "Although the political will is there, they may come a cropper with legal challenges, constitutional challenges, or electoral challenges, " said Milligan at GA Investment Management.
  • "Their reputation and their standing in world rugby means if you don't go into a test against the Springboks fully prepared then you'll come a cropper, " said Greenwood.
  • But if past is sadly prelude, Director Deutch will seethe, and blow his stack, and hunt for leakers, and vow to get even _ and, like Casey, come a cropper.
  • Just because City Manager Larry Brown's grand design for " transformation " of Kansas City has come a cropper doesn't mean it's not a good idea or a necessary reform.
  • "I've come a cropper recently _ it doesn't work all the time, " said one of the editors, Sheldon Jacobs of the No-Load Fund Investor newsletter, published in Irvington, N . Y.
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