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come across with sentence in Hindi

"come across with" meaning in Hindicome across with in a sentence
  • "It doesn't seem to come across with any enthusiasm or fire ."
  • I want to come across with good answers to the questions.
  • It's your job to " learn " the weapons you come across with practice.
  • The words come across with a wooden formality and fail to stir the conscience.
  • Once the IRS comes across with the refund, it is routed to the bank.
  • In the fifth, three singles led to Otis Nixon coming across with the equalizer.
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  • His finger snapping, jaunty hips and fast footwork come across with sensuous verve and authority.
  • There, he comes across with new people that will change the path of his life.
  • Perhaps Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan will come across with several more big interest-rate reductions.
  • Their particular scam involves a voice-recognition computer, which they sell but don't come across with.
  • I had to come across with the commitment.
  • "There's the fear that rebels may come across with the refugees, " said Van Genderen Stort.
  • But the male chorus, which includes gifted veterans like Gregory Mitchell, comes across with dynamic power.
  • The long IP-account number in this list also comes across with a wide range of variations.
  • Nobody at this point is willing to come across with a lot of money for Bill.
  • The scene comes across with comic subtlety.
  • In part this is because the entire production, restaged last year, comes across with fresh dramatic vigor.
  • They pick the guys that they feel best suits whatever position they're trying to come across with.
  • Bryant comes across with considerably more maturity, but their lives aren't a lot different at this point.
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