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English-Hindi > come across with

come across with meaning in Hindi

come across with sentence in Hindi
come    आकर दिमाग में आना
come across    समझ में आना संयोग
across    में सर्वत्र कोई एक
with    के मामले में के
1."It doesn't seem to come across with any enthusiasm or fire ."

2.I want to come across with good answers to the questions.

3.It's your job to " learn " the weapons you come across with practice.

4.The words come across with a wooden formality and fail to stir the conscience.

5.Once the IRS comes across with the refund, it is routed to the bank.

6.In the fifth, three singles led to Otis Nixon coming across with the equalizer.

7.*Tag LGBT articles you come across with our WikiProject banner by adding to the talkpage.

8.His finger snapping, jaunty hips and fast footwork come across with sensuous verve and authority.

9.There, he comes across with new people that will change the path of his life.

10.Perhaps Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan will come across with several more big interest-rate reductions.

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