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English-Hindi > come clean

come clean meaning in Hindi

come clean sentence in Hindi
अपना अपराध स्वीकार करना
come    आकर दिमाग में आना
clean    सफ़ाई निष्कलंक
1.Collins has received positive feedback since coming clean on his drinking problem.

2.Guatemalan officials insist that the government has come clean on human rights.

3.Do not come to the Games if you are not coming clean.

4.Will Clinton come clean and tell the truth in a few weeks?

5.River gods come clean and Haku can become a magnificent white dragon.

6.The problem is that he still refuses to come clean about it.

7.Some Koreans responded that the United States still was not coming clean.

8.She encourages the current team members to come clean if they cheated.

9.Why did you not come clean when you got blocked in October?

10.They have repeatedly asked the RTAF to come clean on what happened.

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