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come up roses sentence in Hindi

"come up roses" meaning in Hindicome up roses in a sentence
  • LANCOME-AD-COLUMN ( Undated )-- For Lancome, everything's no longer coming up roses.
  • But that's not to say everything is coming up roses for AIRS.
  • Only then will everything be coming up Roses for the Volunteers.
  • But one decision-- to return for his senior season-- has come up roses.
  • Honey, everything's coming up roses for me and for you !"
  • But don't expect that next week everything's going to be coming up roses.
  • For now at least, the industry's overall export business is coming up roses.
  • But not everything is coming up roses for the group.
  • What once looked like a consolation trip to Dallas might now come up roses.
  • The DJ blasted a big band version of " Everything's Coming Up Roses ."
  • We have to realize everything is not coming up roses.
  • Then he ran through " Everything's Coming Up Roses ."
  • That everything was coming up roses, even in the asphalt jungle of New York?
  • Everything's Coming Up Roses / 1959, with Stephen Sondheim
  • Will everything come up roses this New Year's Day?
  • Much, therefore, if not everything, is coming up roses.
  • Which is not to say that everything in the region, circa 2005, is coming up roses.
  • But all is not coming up roses here.
  • The decision by jockey Pat Day to stick with stretch-running Crypto Star might come up roses.
  • Bruce composed the music for " Coming Up Roses, " a new film featuring Bernadette Peters.
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