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English-Hindi > comm port

comm port meaning in Hindi

comm port sentence in Hindi

काम द्वारक
संचार द्वार
port    पुर्तगाली मदिरा
1.For instance, you might start by changing COMM ports.

2.I finally discovered that somehow the COMM port had been disabled in the CMOS setup during the transfer.

3.After all, you thought Iraq was a country and a COMM port was something out of Star Trek.

4.You should be able to successfully install Win 95 even if you don't know a COMM port from a seaport.

5.Or do your eyes glaze over when computer literate friends start speaking of IRQs, COMM ports, bits per second and protocols?

6.If this is all new to you, you're unlikely to find comfort in a long-winded technical explanation of how to change IRQ on a COMM port.

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