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English-Hindi > comment line

comment line meaning in Hindi

comment line sentence in Hindi

• टिप्पणी पंक्ति
comment    टिप्पणी टीका
line    श्रेणी डोरी पेशा
1.The comment lines ( " com " ) are used for additional notes.

2.NBC's viewer-relations comment line is 212-664-2333 ( select option 3 ).

3.JavaScript ) due to their low NCLOC ( Non-Comment Lines of Code ) count.

4.If no comment is included, the comment line doesn't appear.

5.Some variations include using atomic numbers instead of atomic symbols, or skipping the comment line.

6.Just a comment line, and I gave my comment and the Pentagon called back later,

7.Initial comment lines begin with a quote.

8.Supportive calls to the White House comment line outnumbered those against by a 20-1 margin, Fleischer said.

9.Blank and comment lines are not counted.

10.There were a series of different comments lined up in a row, which were separated by signatures.

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