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English-Hindi > commercial paper

commercial paper meaning in Hindi

commercial paper sentence in Hindi
• वाणिज्यिक पत्र

• वाणिfज्यक प्रपत्र
commercial    विज्ञापन
paper    कागद अख़बार
1.And as an asset class, commercial paper has performed up to expectations.

2.Tenneco will finance the acquisition with cash on hand and commercial paper.

3.Q . Which big issuers of commercial paper effectively communicate with investors?

4.The rating for commercial paper was lowered from Prime-3 to Not Prime.

5.The credit rating agency also cut its rating on Apple's commercial paper.

6.The company taps overseas bond and commercial paper markets to raise funds.

7.Regents of the University of California, $ 110 million of commercial paper.

8.Sherin said GE is moving to reduce its reliance on commercial paper.

9.Reliance on the commercial paper market provided a boon to GE's results.

10.What that means for Citizens is some investments in commercial paper.

an unsecured and unregistered short-term obligation issued by an institutional borrower to investors who have temporarily idle cash

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