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English-Hindi > commiphora myrrha

commiphora myrrha meaning in Hindi

commiphora myrrha sentence in Hindi
1.Myrrh gum is commonly harvested from the species " Commiphora myrrha ".

2."Commiphora myrrha " is native to parts of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Somalia, Eritrea and eastern Ethiopia.

3.Another commonly used name, " Commiphora molmol ", is now considered a synonym of " Commiphora myrrha ".

4.Myrrh is a clear resin secreted by Commiphora myrrha, trees with thick trunks and spiny branches with little green leaves.

5.Tucker says that  Common myrrh is obtained from " Commiphora myrrha "; this is the species from which . . . stacte, was obtained . 

6.According to the Encyclopedia of Islamic Herbal Medicine, " The Messenger of Allah stated,'Fumigate your houses with al-shih, murr, and sa'tar .'" The author claims that this use of the word " murr " refers specifically to Commiphora myrrha.

7.Herbs are used in many religions  such as in Christianity ( myrrh ( " Commiphora myrrha " ), ague root ( " Aletris farinosa " ) and frankincense ( " Boswellia " spp ) ) and in the partially Christianized Vedic times.

8.As part of a larger search for anticancer compounds from plants, the researchers obtained extracts from a particular species of myrrh plant ( " Commiphora myrrha " ) and tested it against a human breast tumor cell line ( MCF-7 ) known to be resistant to anticancer drugs.

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