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English-Hindi > commission broker

commission broker meaning in Hindi

commission broker sentence in Hindi

कमीशन दलाल
commission    विचारण बनाने का
broker    आढ़तिया दलाल
1.Research and information has traditionally been the purview of the full-commission broker,

2.Commission brokers were already limited to Fidelity's Advisor fund group.

3.After a month passed with no response, the commission broke relations with the Esperantists.

4.Using a full-commission broker eats into returns, Spangler said, an expense the self-educated Smith no longer needs.

5.He plans to argue that the commission broke its word and is politically motivated in seeking prosecution.

6.In Belgrade, the city's electoral commission broke a 48-hour silence about Sunday's elections to confirm the opposition victory.

7.The commission broke off talks a week ago after failing to agree on extending the truce, which is routinely violated.

8.On the way to Stavelot, the carriage of the commission broke down, and Delvaux claimed that a demon had destroyed it.

9.In a number of less spectacular cases in the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission broke new ground in enforcement.

10.The commission broke off talks a week ago after failing to agree on extending the cease-fire accord, which is routinely violated.

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