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commonwealth countries sentence in Hindi

"commonwealth countries" meaning in Hindicommonwealth countries in a sentence
  • "We're dropping down to key Commonwealth countries.
  • So also in several States in Australia and other Commonwealth countries.
  • Commonwealth countries, " the minutes of the meeting read.
  • Legal education in Canada has unique variations from other Commonwealth countries.
  • It is also known as the Regimental Police in commonwealth countries.
  • However, unlike the United Kingdom and some other Commonwealth countries.
  • These muffins are popular in Commonwealth countries and the United States.
  • This is a privilege extended to Commonwealth countries under British law.
  • :: : Not unlike some other Commonwealth countries, though.
  • Delimitation is regularly used in the United States and Commonwealth countries.
  • Sukom should remember that most of the Commonwealth countries are not rich.
  • The CPU has 750 members who are media representatives in Commonwealth countries.
  • The qualification is recognised by the Malaysian government and the Commonwealth countries.
  • Embassies of Commonwealth countries in India are called high commissions.
  • Other Commonwealth countries such as Australia have issued similar advisories.
  • Canada was the first Commonwealth country to dispense with the RAF system.
  • All 45 members of the detachment were from Commonwealth countries.
  • Straight blackthorn stems have traditionally been made into Commonwealth countries.
  • Most Commonwealth countries have now created their own honours systems.
  • With U . S . and Commonwealth countries seeking to decimalise could.
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