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commonwealth government sentence in Hindi

"commonwealth government" meaning in Hindicommonwealth government in a sentence
  • The school receives recurrent funding from both the Victorian and Commonwealth government.
  • He advised the Commonwealth Government of Australia on Aboriginal policies and programs.
  • It was designed by the first Commonwealth Government Architect John Smith Murdoch.
  • It was expected this amount would be met by the Commonwealth Government.
  • In the Commonwealth Government's Excellence in Research for Australia 2012 National Report,
  • The Square is flanked by Commonwealth Government Offices on the north.
  • In 1959 the Commonwealth Government acquired of grassland in then-rural Tullamarine.
  • In 1919 he was appointed Consulting Engineer for concrete to the Commonwealth Government.
  • The petition was received by the Commonwealth Government in August 1937.
  • In December 1905 the Commonwealth Government passed The Census and Statistics Act 1905.
  • In late 1962 Commonwealth Government to provide funding for the project.
  • Funding for the train was supplied from both the Victorian and Commonwealth governments.
  • The Australian government is often referred to as the Commonwealth government.
  • On 16 September 1912 the Commonwealth Government established the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
  • After World War I, the Commonwealth Government re-introduced compulsory military training.
  • Legislative powers of the states are protected by the Commonwealth Government.
  • Some students are supported by the national government, known as the Commonwealth government.
  • However, the building was sold by the Commonwealth government to the Acton Football Club.
  • However the NSW Rifle Association defeated the Commonwealth Government in court, scuttling the plans.
  • Soon afterwards in 1913, the Commonwealth Government purchased the property.
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