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English-Hindi > compass bearing

compass bearing meaning in Hindi

compass bearing sentence in Hindi

कंपास दिक्‍कोण
दिक्सूचक दिक्‍कोण
compass    कुतुबनुमा घेरा
bearing    आचरण चाल छबि ढंग
1.Variations in aircraft compass bearings were noted and compass magnets were adjusted.

2.Fatally, the ship went off-course, possibly due to a faulty compass bearing.

3.Weapons were fired on compass bearings by typing in degree headings.

4.GPS coordinates, whereas letterboxing clues tend to consist of grid references and compass bearings.

5.Horning checks his buoyancy, takes the compass bearing.

6.Following the ridge up is the easiest way to summit, although taking a compass bearing is useful.

7.A compass bearing was then taken.

8.The runways share the same compass bearing, he said, but the Cabiness runway is 3, 000 feet shorter.

9.Rotation about the vertical axis varies the azimuth ( compass bearing ) of the pointing direction of the instrument.

10.Or necromancer's compass bearings?

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