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English-Hindi > complimentary pass

complimentary pass meaning in Hindi

complimentary pass sentence in Hindi

मानार्थ प्रवेशपत्र
complimentary    सम्मानार्थ भेंट
pass    प्रवेशपत्र हालत
1.No complimentary passes will be available, even to 20th Century Fox, the film's distributor.

2.Anyway, apart from slight embarrassment at the ticket counter ( I thought the complimentary passes had no expiry date ), my family and I enjoyed the movie.

3.Armed with two complimentary passes given by Tony, a public relations executive, I bought additional tickets at RM8 each and settled down to enjoy Tommy Lee Jones and Wesley Snipes in US Marshals.

4.These include a first class / AC 2 tier Complimentary Pass to the awardee along with a companion from the Ministry of Railways, a 75 % concession on economy fares by Indian Airlines, and no rental, installation and registration charges for the services by MTNL . In addition, the awardee is exempted from the toll tax by the Ministry of Transport.

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