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English-Hindi > conducting wire

conducting wire meaning in Hindi

conducting wire sentence in Hindi

चालक तार
conducting    संवाही चालक चालन
wire    तार फीता लाइन
1.All four tracks at the New Rochelle station were shut because of damage to conducting wires.

2.A "'helical antenna "'is an antenna consisting of a conducting wire wound in the form of a helix.

3.A particular feature of waveguide filter design concerns the conducting wires and similar technologies have only one mode of transmission.

4."We have shown that DNA molecules can be effectively used as organizers for the simplest electronic component, a conducting wire, " said Eichen.

5.It requires use of a battery, a switch, an initiation device such as an electric match or a light bulb, conducting wires and explosives.

6.The pace of the work picked up significantly when they started to surround point contacts between the semiconductor and the conducting wires with electrolytes.

7.The whole apparatus was suspended from a long cable, formed of two conducting wires, which winds around a windlass with metallic journals which are electrically insulated.

8.He also showed mathematically that according to the then prevailing electrodynamic theory, electricity would be propagated along a perfectly conducting wire with the velocity of light.

9.A "'ribbon cable "'( also known as multi-wire planar cable ) is a cable with many conducting wires running parallel to each other on the same flat plane.

10.For a male, the fixed wire was wrapped around his penis head or was replaced by a conducting wire mesh bag that fit snugly over the penis and testicles.

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a metal conductor that carries electricity over a distance
Synonyms: wire,

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