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English-Hindi > convulsive therapy

convulsive therapy meaning in Hindi

convulsive therapy sentence in Hindi

आक्षेपी चिकित्सा
convulsive    आक्षोपोत्तर
therapy    उपचार चिकित्सा
1.Insulin coma therapy and the convulsive therapies are collectively known as the shock therapies.

2.Prior to Cade's animal testing, manic-depressives were treated with a lobotomy or electro-convulsive therapy.

3.Her death led Harlow to depression, for which he was treated with electro-convulsive therapy.

4.Desperate, Helena employs a modified electro-convulsive therapy to jolt him out of this inexplicable coma.

5.This law has extra protections for electro convulsive therapy.

6.He suffered from bipolar disorder, and received electro-convulsive therapy.

7.The hospital has 12 Electro-convulsive therapy for 20 years.

8.ECT originated as a new form of convulsive therapy, rather than as a completely new treatment.

9.In the 1950s more aggressive treatments, such as lobotomy and electro-convulsive therapy ( ECT ) were implemented.

10.He later had a leading role in the biological therapies, such as insulin coma and convulsive therapy.

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