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English-Hindi > coral reef

coral reef meaning in Hindi

coral reef sentence in Hindi
• मूँगा-चट्टान
• प्रवाल-भित्ति
• प्रवाल भित्ति
• प्रवाल शैलमाला

• प्रवाल भित्‍ति
coral    मूँगा मूंगा
reef    चट्टान रीफ़ पाल
1.They laze on the beaches and dive and snorkel the coral reefs.

2.A coral reef may take more than a thousand years to build.

3.Villagers say coral reefs and a nearby marine sanctuary are also threatened.

4.About 70 % of coral reefs are in various stages of degeneration.

5.The main lure is the rich marine life and spectacular coral reefs.

6.The best part of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is underwater.

7.They have also alleged that film crews have damaged fragile coral reefs.

8.Fish feed on coral reefs, and without them fish catches will decline.

9.Coral reef flats are considered the most aesthetically beautiful underwater community known.

10.Coral reefs are among the oldest and most diverse forms of life.

a reef consisting of coral consolidated into limestone

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