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English-Hindi > core group

core group meaning in Hindi

core group sentence in Hindi
कोर ग्रुप
core    मर्म किसी चीज का
group    समूह गुट ग्रूप
1.Most of the Angels'core group of players have played nearly every game.

2.This core group oversees talks with Eurotunnel's 220 or so creditor banks.

3.We used to have a core group of the top 25 players.

4.In each parish, a core group of leaders is coordinating the process.

5.The core group of organizers was paleontologist F . W . Clarke.

6.Kerry had the lead among women, another core group of Democratic supporters.

7.That core group of regulars gives us a certain depth of experience,

8.CSAs with a core group of members are most profitable and successful.

9.There was a small hard-core group of collectors were were serious buyers.

10.We have a core group of listeners, but they are not growing,

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a small group of indispensable persons or things; "five periodicals make up the core of their publishing program"
Synonyms: core, nucleus,

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