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English-Hindi > corneal opacity

corneal opacity meaning in Hindi

corneal opacity sentence in Hindi

• स्वच्छपटल अपारदर्शिता
corneal    छेलेमा
opacity    अस्पष्टता जटिलता
1.Patients with superficial corneal opacities are suitable candidates for a this procedure.

2.These lashes will lead to corneal opacities and scarring and then to blindness.

3.In " Thiel Behnke dystrophy ", sub-epithelial corneal opacities form a honeycomb-shaped pattern in the superficial cornea.

4.Animals of both sex also had corneal opacity and spinal abnormalities ( including scoliosis and fusion of vertebral arches ).

5.Lens and corneal opacity, though, would make the pupil less dark . rekcut 18 : 07, 5 March 2007 ( UTC)

6.Castellano was born with a condition known as corneal opacity, in which her corneas were clouded over with a thick white film.

7.Symptoms are consistent with septicemia, and include lethargy and loss of orientation ( as in tilapia ), exophthalmia, corneal opacity, and external and internal bleeding.

8.However, when three of the young adult members were closely examined, they had posterior subcapsular cataracts and two of those three developed multiple tiny yellow-brown anterior stromal corneal opacities.

9.The clinical course of ( AKC ) should be divided into an acute phase with conjunctival inflammation of varying intensity with or without corneal involvement and a chronic phase with corneal opacities.

10.Mohd Saiful, who was suffering from congenital corneal opacity on his left eye which was detected in Jan 1994, is now able to see moving objects clearly within a distance of two metres.

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